Tecnadis Santec Total sanitizing surface cleaner

Tecnadis Santec Total deep cleaning surfaces

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Tecnadis Santec Total is a sanitizer for a deep and effective cleaning of all types of surfaces. Removes any type of contaminant with immediate effect. Its alcoholic formula is fully sprayable on surfaces and quickly evaporates.

Recommended for domestic use: effectively clean clothes, shoes, sports equipment, bags, wallets... personal items for daily use (glasses, keys, mobile phone, watch, shopping cart...) home textiles (sofas, chairs , curtains...)

For industrial use in all types of furniture (urban, offices, restaurants, shopping centers) buildings, spaces and public and private facilities (railings, knobs, doors, elevators, equipment, machinery, tools, work tables, etc.), vehicles and Public transport. 

Deep cleaning surfaces


Tecnadis Santec Total highly effective hydroalcoholic product with 85% alcohol.

A sanitizing cleaner that removes any contaminant on all types of surfaces, without damaging them or altering their appearance. The cleaning and sanitizing effect is immediate, it does not need rinsing and dries immediately. The product evaporates completely without leaving any residue and it is colorless.

Tecnadis Santec Total contains eucalyptus to increase the sanitizing power of the product thanks to its properties to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, in addition to providing a pleasant aroma on the surface. 

For its application, spray directly on the surfaces or equipment to be sanitised, without mixing with any other substance. If necessary it can be spread with a cloth. Do not eat.


Solvent: Ethanol. Ethanol content: 85% v / v. Alcoholic grade: 80º-85º

Formats: 5L and 500ml sprayer.

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