Moisture Stabilizer. Sheet of Propadyn Art Humidity Stabilizer 3x3. Conservatis

Moisture Stabilizer Propadyn Sheet 3x3

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Moisture stabilizer Propadyn Art Sheet 3x3. Sheet to place in spaces that need to maintain a stable humidity level.

Indicated for conservation of art and industry in general. Box of 5 sheets (9 precut cells / sheet).

Each cell serves for 0.2 m3 in completely waterproof conditions. It is recommended to put more quantity to ensure possible air inlets in the enclosure.

MOQ: 5 sheets - price/sheet

Moisture Stabilizer Propadyn Sheet 3x3


Moisture Stabilizer Propadyn Art Sheet 3x3 is designed to maintain a stable level of humidity in enclosed spaces.

The moisture Stabilizer Propadyn Sheet 3x3, with a simple presentation, can be placed in enclosed spaces where there is less space, or in contact with the products that most need the relative humidity to be constant, such as a oainting, a picture or a sheet of art. Boxes with food or pharmaceutical products, maritime containers or any other enclosed space is also likely to be controlled by this moisture stabilizer.

With teh moisture stabilizer Propadyn Sheet 3x3 the humidity range that can be achieved is between 35% and 80% relative humidity. Reduces energy expenditure, creating synergy with conditioned air. Quickly correct any mismatch in the degree of humidity, absorbing moisture or releasing it. Being manufactured with natural products, it can be in contact with food.

A great solution for your moisture maintenance needs.


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