Silica Gel Orange (Bulk)
Silica Gel Orange (Bulk)
Silica Gel Orange (Bulk)
Silica Gel Orange (Bulk)

Silica Gel Orange (Bulk)


Orange silica gel in bulk, served in plastic bags. Desiccant of moisture that when saturated becomes dark green.

Sold by pack of 5 kgs.

Quantity Price You Save
5 €31.50 Up to €67.50

Bulk silica gel used to place in containers or spaces that need to be dried.

Product used for the maintenance of transformers, to dry flowers, and in multiple applications for which large amounts of Silica Gel are necessary or for which it is not necessary to place the bags with a specific weight.

Another great advantage of this product is that when saturated with moisture, the silica gel granules change their color to dark green, so you can know at all times in what degree of saturation the silica gel is and provide for its replacement so that your goods do not spoil.

The technical and adsorption characteristics of this orange silica gel are as follows:

pH (10% solution): 3.5-6.0
Driving (10% solution): <0.3 s/m
Water soluble substances:  <=2%
Granulometry: 0.25-6.3 mm
Residual humidity (120º): <2%


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