Specialized products for the conservation of works of art.

Against moisture, we have: Silica Gel Bags, Clay Desiccant Bag, Molecular Sieve Desiccant Bag, Orange Silica Gel (Bulk) or Silica Gel Bags with Reversible Moisture Indicator

For Temperature control, we have: Most, SpotBot Ble, TEMP UO2 and TEMP 03 Data loggers and Timestrip Plus, Coldmark & WarmMark Temperature Indicator.

For the protection and packaging we have different types of bags: Aluminum Laminated Doy Pack Foot Bags, Aluminum Laminated Bellows Bags, Metallic PET Doy Pack Foot Bags, Aluminum and Kraft Doy Pack Foot Bags Aluminum and Kraft Laminated Bellows Bags and Bags with Metallic PET Bellows.

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