Bag of Propasil 1/100 5gr
Rear view of the bag Propasil 1/100 5gr
Silicagel in the inside of the bags
Bag of Propasil 1/100 5gr
Rear view of the bag Propasil 1/100 5gr
Silicagel in the inside of the bags

Silica Gel Bags

A01005 _ Bolsa 5 gr (40x85 mm)
€0.15 tax excl.
Delivery 3 to 4 days

Silica gel with fabric that allows easy absorption of moisture, in different formats and sizes.

Available in bags of 5gr, 10gr, 30gr, 60gr, 120gr, 240gr, 480 gr.

Measure for Silicagel Grammage

Quantity Unit price You Save
40 €0.16 €0.72
80 €0.14 €2.87
150 €0.13 €8.06
200 €0.14 €7.16
1000 €0.14 €35.82
2000 €0.16 €35.82

Silica Gel in sachets to solve moisture excess problem.

These easy-to-use bags can be placed in any space that needs to maintain optimal humidity conditions depending on the product to be conserved. It can be used for electronics, leather, textile, photography, packaging of any kind, leather and any other place where you need to remove an excess of moisture.

This product is wrapped in a type of fabric that allows the absorption of moisture, which is to be deposited inside the Silica Gel. Since it is in bags of different sizes, it can be used and placed without any kind of problem.

You will receive your product inside a plastic bag with a zip fastener and inside an envelope. The measurements of the bag are based on the type of product and the number of bags you buy.

This product is non-edible and non-toxic.

Absorption capacity: 23 ± 2% of its own weight at ambient temperature of 23ºC and relative humidity of 40%.

Main physical and chemical characteristics:

pH (10% solution): 3,5-6,0
Driving (10% solution): <0,3 s/m
Water soluble substances: <=2%
Granulometry: 0,25-6,3 mm
Residual humidity (120º): <2%


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