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Conservatis, the Sercalia online store

Since 1997 Sercalia markets products and services for the industry. Formerly called Serkim, the company changed its name to Sercalia in 2015. In 2019 we opened the online store Conservatis where we guarantee:

  • High quality products
  • The best customer service
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Throughout our trajectory we have distributed different types of chemical and industrial products, from European, Asian and American manufacturers.

Our service includes advice for the use of our products in the different possible applications, guaranteeing a commitment with the client to obtain the objectives set.

We currently have a portfolio of products that include different suppliers nationally and internationally.

We are specialised in offering solutions to common problems, through the following product range:

  • Moisture solutions: Silica gel, Desiccant clays, Molecular sieve, Desiccants for sea containers, Aluminum bags.
  • Food Absorbents: Oxygen and ethylene absorbers, as well as silica gel for food moisture.
  • Anti-corrosion solutions with products with VCI: Paper, Film, Stretch Film, Polyethylene Film with Bubbles, Polyethylene Film with high puncture resistance, Pickups, Diffusers, Sponges and Oils.
  • Packaging solutions: Impact Indicators (Shockwatch), Tilt Indicators (Tiltwatch), Temperature Indicators (WarmMark and ColdMark), Humidity Indicators, Data Loggers (Shocklog and Trekview), Coil and Cable Protection, Self-Sizing Bands, Ring for handling coils, inflatable mattresses for freight transport, Slip Sheets Pallets.
  • Chemical Products: Microspheres, Antibacterial Additives, Synthetic Zeolites, Plasticizers, CMC - Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, Sodium Metaperiodate.
  • Anti-Odor Solutions: Through collaborations with companies specialized in anti-odor technology, we offer a wide variety of devices and facilities to control odors.
  • Technological Solutions: We collaborate with technological companies specialised in industrial automation, home automation and telecommunications, offering technological consulting and energy efficiency.

We offer advice in the search for solutions for customers, relying on a quality logistics service. Deliveries are flexible, fast and efficient.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or send us an email to info@conservatis.com

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