Extend the life of fruits and vegetables.

For the preservation of food against moisture, we have Silica Gel Bags (normal, micro, Tyvek, with moisture indicator), Clay Desiccant Bags, Orange Silica Gel in bulk, reversible moisture indicators, Most 1.0 Recorder , TEMP U02 y TEMP U03 Temperature and Humidity Recorder, Timestrip Seafood Temperature Indicator, ColdMark and WarmMark Temperature Indicators, BLE SpotBot Recorder, Propadyn Humidity Stabilizers.

For ripening you can use our boxes of Keepfresh ethylene absorbent sheets, Ethylene Absorbent Bags, ethylene filters, ethylene pads.

For packaging we have different types of bags: Aluminum Laminated Flat Bags, Aluminum Metallic PET Flat Bags, Aluminum Laminated Bellows Bags, Aluminum and Metallic Laminated Doy Pack Bags, Metallic PET Doy Pack Bags, Aluminum Laminated Bellows Bags Kraft, Bags with Metallic PET Bellows and Doy Pack bags in Aluminum and Kraft.

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