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Reversible Humidity Indicator

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Reversible humidity indicators to control ambient humidity or humidity inside a package.

Various humidity scales depending on the needs of your merchandise.

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With the Reversible Humidity Indicator check at all times the humidity to which your products are exposed, either inside the packaging, or in the space in which they are stored.

The reversible moisture indicator is a rigid paper card with a relative humidity scale. This product is reversible, that is, it is constantly adapting to the humidity of the space in which it is located, being able to use it multiple times and in various situations.

To know what relative humidity is the space being controlled, the blue color turns to pink as it reaches the various degrees of humidity. Thus, you can know at all times under what environmental conditions your merchandise is being stored or transported.

It is very convenient to use this indicator together with Conservatis desiccants. By checking that the humidity level marked by the indicator has exceeded and stabilizes at a higher level than desired, you will know that it is time to replace the moisture desiccant.


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Recommended for:
Bulk material packaging
Export packaging
Military and Aeronautics
Optical instruments
50×76 mm

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