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Tilt Indicator TiltWatch Plus

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TiltWatch Plus rollover indicator.

With tilt indicator to right, left, and how many degrees, and also full tilt indicator.




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The Tilt Indicator TiltWatch Plus indicates inclinations to the right, left, how many degrees, as well as rollovers.

The Tilt Indicator TiltWatch Plus contains three different indicators within the same device:

  • The upper section indicates the degree of inclination to the left.
  • The second section indicates a total tilt to 360º.
  • The third section indicates the degree of inclination to the right.

It is attached to the packaging or merchandise and is activated when the adhesive is removed. It indicates excessive inclinations or overturns of the goods, other than normal handling movements.

More information

Transparent PTE and rigid plastic
Recommended for:
Artwork and packaging
Automotive components
Containers for hazardous substances
Household appliances
Industrial batteries
Telecommunications equipment
Operating temperature
-40ºC to 60ºC
Activation angle
30º in increments of 10º ± 5º from axes
Range of control
Einzelne flache und kreisförmige Achse
High adhesion acrylic
Operating humidity
5% to 99% non-condensed
116,84 mm x 116,84 mm x 7,62 mm
12 months from implementation

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