Moisture Stabilizer Artsorb Sheets

Moisture Stabilizer Artsorb Sheets

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Artsorb Moisture Stabilizer in sheets, preconditioned to 50% RH, to stabilize the relative humidity in different artworks: painting frames, framing systems and other vertical applications such as back of showcases or transport boxes.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 4.


Artsorb sheets to stabilize the relative humidity in frames and showcases

ARTSORB is a moisture sensitive silica material which absorbs and desorbs moisture, in order to offset changes in external relative humidity. Artsorb is 5 times more effective than regular-density silica gel and it is especially efficient to stabilize relative humidity at higher levels. Artsorb sheets are preconditioned at 50% relative humidity.

Each sheet is composed of a non-woven sheet of polyethylene / polypropylene fibers impregnated with fine Artsorb particles. ArtSorb sheets can be cut to size to fit your size and shape for your application, and can be mounted with adhesives.

Quantities will vary according to the environment where used, and we reccomend monitoring the conditions with a hygrometer to ensure correct humidity is achieved. About 5-10 sheets should be used to manage the RH level of about 1 cubic meter.

Dry Weight per sheet: 160 gr (100 gr of Art-Sorb® per sheet)

Size: 500 x 500 x 1.8 mm

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