Moisture Stabilizer Artsorb (Bulk pack in kgs)

Moisture Stabilizer Artsorb (Bulk pack in kgs)

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Artsorb Moisture stabilizer in bulk in 1 kg bags for the conservation of works of art. Stabilizes relative humidity in museum showcases in the range of 65% - 75% RH.

1 m³ showcase volume requires 1-3 kg Art Sorb. 


Artsorb conditioning

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Bulk Artsorb Moisture Stabilizer to stabilize relative humidity in showcases, cabinets, packaging boxes or custom containers.

ArtSorb is a highly sensitive, siliceous material that absorbs and adsorbs moisture. It cushions variations in relative humidity, ensuring constant humidity.

It is used to create microclimates suitable for objects installed in showcases or climatic display cabinets. Insensitive to temperature variations and with a strong absorbent power, Artsorb is indicated for high RH ranges and is especially recommended for the transport of works of art, providing much more effective climate protection than with normal density silica gel.

Artsorb is easy to handle, economic and profitable, requiring seven times less quantity than a normal silica gel.

You can reuse Artsorb as many times as you like. When the pearls are saturated, dry them and they are ready to use again.

Recommended for:
Capital Goods Sector
Conservation Sector Works of Art and Cultural Assets
High value-added freight transport
Military industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Silica gel and lithium chloride
Bags up to 5 kg
Buckets since 5 kg
Bulk density
500 g/L
Pore volume
0,8 ml/g
Granular size
1,5 – 4 mm

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