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Temperature Indicator ColdMark

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ColdMark temperature indicator, to monitor temperature drops lower than desired for the transport and storage of your products.




ColdMark activation temperature

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With the ColdMark temperature indicators, you can control the lowest temperature threshold to which your products may be exposed.

In this way, with the ColdMark temperature indicator, you can reduce the economic losses resulting from poor maintenance of the cold chain.

ColdMark indicators do not need to be activated before, they simply indicate the temperature drops changing to a violet color irreversibly and almost immediately (approximately 30 minutes).

Thanks to its adhesive on the back, you just need to place it on a smooth and dry surface, ready to perform its function.


More information

Temperature Range
ColdMark -3 | -3ºC / 26ºF
ColdMark 0 | 0ºC / 32ºF
ColdMark 2 | 2ºC / 36ºF
ColdMark 5 | 5ºC / 41ºF
ColdMark 10 |10ºC / 50ºF
83.82 x 20.32 x 10.16 mm

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