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Timestrip PLUS Temperature Indicator

Timestrip Plus 20ºC 2h
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Timestrip PLUS Temperature Indicators, to know the temperature increases and the time during which your products have been exposed to these temperatures.

Timestrip Temperature Range

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 200.


Timestrip PLUS temperature indicators to know at all times the temperatures at which your products are.

The Timestrip PLUS temperature indicators must be activated to start working, and do not have special storage or shipping requirements. It can adhere directly to the product due to the adhesive on its back. They are ideal for controlling those products that have their properties modified in case of exposure to certain temperatures. The sectors in which they are most used are: health, food and pharmaceutical industry.

If the temperature exceeds the maximum depending on the indicator used, the second window fills with color and moves along the time marker to indicate how long the temperature rise lasted. 

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