Timestrip. Seafood. Temperature Indicator. Seafood and fresh fish. 3ºC 2-4 h. Conservatis

Timestrip Seafood 3ºC 2-4 h Temperature Indicator

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Timestrip Seafood temperature indicator to know at all times if there are temperature increases in the conditions of their products, specifically for seafood and fresh fish.




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With the Timestrip Seafood temperature indicator you ensure that there are no nutritional losses in your food products, especially fresh fish and shellfish.

The Timestrio Seafood temperature indicator controls the cold chain during short or long-term transport and storage by ensuring that the controlled foods are not exposed to high temperatures that could damage them.

You only have to activate the device using the “ON” button and the window, with your device, will indicate if the temperature rises in the temperature range depending on the different ranges of Timestrip Seafood.


More information

Timestrip Seafood
Application: Botulinum toxin formation control in shellfish
Measure: 35 x 19 mm
Temperature range: 3ºC / 37ºF
Time range: 2-4h

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