VCI Plastic Bags. Corrosion and oxidation problems. 430x500mm with 160mm bellows. Buy online. Conservatis

VCI Plastic Bags

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VCI plastic bags for corrosion and oxidation problems of your products. Made of polyethylene protective film and with the VCI active substance integrated in them, to protect the metallic product in the long term.





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VCI plastic bags to protect your products against corrosion and oxidation and simplify the packaging process.

Adaptable to all types of boxes or cages, VCI plastic bags are perfect for packaging  for the storage and shipping of any metallic products of any size.

VCI plastic bags comply with TRGS 615 and they are not harmful to the environment. They use neither anti-corrosion oils nor greases, thus avoiding harmful residues. The product is made with totally organic materials and does not present any danger to people or living beings since polyethylene is recyclable.

Additionally you can combine the product with self-closing, custom printing, ESD antistatic protection, flame resistance, defined mechanical resistance properties and transparency.

More information

Recommended for:
Automotive metal components
Complete machines
Energy sector
Metal parts of any kind
Steel coils
TRGS 615 compliant
430x500mm with 160mm bellows
430x500mm with 160mm bellows.
Total thickness
ISO 4593
Nominal ± 10% µm
Additional information
Defined mechanical strength properties and transparency
ESD antistatic protection
Flame resistance
Personalised printing
0,92 ÷ 0,93g / cm³
ISO 1183
Nominal ± 5% mm
Nominal ± 5% m
Breaking load (MD)
ISO 527-3
≥ 20 N / mm²
Breaking load (TD)
ISO 527-3
≥ 18 N / mm²
Elongation at break (MD)
ISO 527-3
≥ 500 (100 µm) %
Elongation at break (TD)
ISO 527-3
≥ 600 (100 µm) %
Resistance to DART TEST
ASTM D 1709-A
≥ 400 (100 µm) g
Elmendorf Test (MD)
ISO 6383-2
≥ 3000 (100 µm) mN
Elmendorf Test (TD)
ISO 6383-2
≥ 6000 (100 µm) mN
Permeability (WVTR) (38ºC - 90% UR)
3,60 ± 0,30 (100 µm) g / (m² x 24h)
ASTM F 1249-06
Permeability (WVTR) (23ºC - 85% UR)
0,80 ± 0,06 (100 µm) g / (m² x 24h)
DIN 53122-2

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