Low Cost Ecosealer Bag Sealer
ECO-300 Ecosealer Bag Sealer
Low Cost Ecosealer Bag Sealer
ECO-300 Ecosealer Bag Sealer

Low Cost Ecosealer Bag Sealer

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Low Cost Ecosealer Heat sealer for sealing and closing plastic bags in small series. Very easy to handle.

Available in three sealding lengths: 200, 300 and 400 mm., With a sealing width of 2 mm.

Choose without blade or with blade.



Ecosealer types

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Low cost and very easy to handle Ecosealer impulse sealers.

Ecosealer low cost sealers incorporate a weld time scheduler. For use, place the mouth of the bag between the jaws and press to close them. Hold pressure for 1-3 seconds, the duration of the weld, and allow to cool for an additional 1-2 seconds, so that the weld and resistor cool under pressure.

Suitable bags for use with Ecosealer sealers are Polyethylene up to 300 gauge, polypropylene, polyamides, fine PVC and certain complexes.

The ECOSEALER sealers can work with shear/weld resistance, instead of flat, to achieve a cut of the excess bag flush with the weld. Models are available with and without blade. The cutting blade allows bags to be manufactured from polyethylene tube and to cut the excess bag.

Long ECO-200
200 mm
Width ECO-200
2 mm
Power ECO-200
180 W
Voltage ECO-200
220 V
Net weight ECO-200
2,850 kg
Packaging dimensions (cm) ECO-200
35 x 11 x 22
Long ECO-300
300 mm
Width ECO-300
2 mm
Power ECO-300
320 W
Voltage ECO-300
220 V
Net weight ECO-300
4 kg
Packaging dimensions (cm) ECO-300
48 x 11 x 22
Long ECO-400
400 mm
Width ECO-400
2 mm
Power ECO-400
750 W
Voltage ECO-400
220 V
Net weight ECO-400
5,5 Kg
Packaging dimensions (cm) ECO-400
61 x 11 x 22

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