Biactive Impulse Sealers
Hand Impulse Sealers biactive
Biactive Impulse Sealers
Hand Impulse Sealers biactive

Biactive Impulse Sealers

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Biactive Impulse Sealers to seal all types of  heat-sealable plastic materials and certain fine complexes. They work with a power generator (220V Mono 1600W time base) with a potentiometer to control the sealing time.

Easy to handle, they can be used at the location of the product you need to seal.

Available in three sealing lengths: 280, 380 and 630 mm with opening of 30 mm. The sealing width is 3 mm.

It is necessary to also buy the power generator (Time base) for the operation of the clamps.

Impulse Sealers


Impulse Sealers for sealing heat-sealable plastic materials and certain fine complex materials.

Impulse sealers are bi-active, allow sealing on both sides. You can seal very thick polyethylene up to 2 x 0.3 mm. For complexes we recommend to do some tests to determine the maximum thickness sealdable. The sealers incorporate a cable to connect to the power generator, which is supplied separately.

The current generator can be used with all three sealer lengths, but not simultaneously. It has a potentiometer to control the sealing time depending on the thickness of the film.

Thanks to their portability, the impulse sealers are perfect for sealing bags or other packaging that, due to their weight or content, cannot be moved and must be sealed at the filling or storage location, such as watertight marine packaging, sealing bags in coils, closing of covers that cover machines or big volume bags. Another usual application is the closing of polyethylene covers for furniture and sofas.

The impulse sealers are very easy to use: the sealer is released and closed thanks to a pressure spring. Pressing the button begins the seal and the pilot lights. At the end of the programmed sealing time (1 to 3 seconds), the pilot light turns off. After a few seconds of cooling, the sealer can be opened, removing the sealed part.

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