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Natural Zeolite anti liquids and odors ZEONAT GREEN

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ZEONAT GREEN multipurpose natural zeolite to absorb humidity, liquids and bad odors.

Available in granules of different sizes (1-2.5 mm; 2-5 mm; 4-8, mm) in 1.5 or 5 liter buckets.




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Natural Zeolite ZEONAT GREEN is an excellent moisture ,liquid spills and undesirable odours absorbent, 100% natural, ecological and sustainable.

Natural Zeolites are crystalline microporous aluminosilicates, which allow to adsorb water and other cations, thus filling the micropores.

They have a high capacity of cationic exchange facilitating the adsorption of water molecules, ammonium and heavy metal ions, and releasing calcium and magnesium. For this reason, zeolite has multiple natural applications related to agriculture, animal nutrition, water purification, gas filtration or human health.

The small size of 1 to 2.5mm of ZEONAT GREEN is perfect for spilling liquids such as oils, paints, fuels ... You can also use it for your pets as a liquid absorbent and bad odors (cat litters, and birds, hamsters or guinea pigs cages. It is the ideal choice for animal beds to absorb urine and odors. Also useful for ashtrays.

We recommend ZEONAT GREEN in 2-5mm and 4-8mm granules to absorb moisture and bad odors in closed spaces such as cabinets, fridges, storage rooms, motorhomes, cars or boats. Use it by hunging them in a net-type bag in the space to absorb moisture and odors from the air directly. When the zeolite is saturated with moisture you can regenerate it, heating it to approximately 160ºC he granules and eliminate absorbed odours and this cycle can be repeated many times.

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Recommended for:
Cat litter, cages for birds or other animals.
Enclosed spaces: cupboards, fridges, cars...
Ideal for absorbing liquids and bad smells

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