Natural Zeolite for aquariums ZEONAT WATER

Natural Zeolite for aquariums ZEONAT WATER

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ZEONAT WATER activated natural zeolite for use in water filters, aquariums and ponds.

Available in granules of different sizes (1-2.5mm; 2-5mm; 4-8 mm; 8-16mm) in 1.5 or 5 liter buckets.

ZEONAT Granules measurements and quantities

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ZEONAT WATER activated natural zeolite of 100% natural origin for use in water filters, aquariums and ponds.

Natural zeolite is an excellent moisture absorber and contaminant collector for water treatment and filtration in an ecological and sustainable way.

ZEONAT WATER is excellent for aquariums because it captures ammonia due to its cation exchange capacity and high affinity for ammonia. The beneficial bacteria necessary in aquariums can colonize the micro-pores of the zeolite from where they feed on the captured ammonia.

ZEONAT WATER keeps the water crystal clear. Natural zeolite is very effective in removing solid particles, and can remove solid particles down to 5 microns.

The small size 1 to 2.5mm of activated natural zeolite is used for all type of water filters, especially small filters. Removes ammonia and heavy metals from water. Suitable for freshwater and seawater aquariums, well filters and for purification of water at home, as it is approved for filtration of water for human consumption, in accordance with UNE-EN 16070.

2-5mm granules are ideal for use in small aquarium filters.

The 4-8mm size is perfect for use in large aquarium and pond filters.

We recommend 8-16mm granules for use directly in garden ponds and in pond filters. 

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