Liquid absorbent Pad
Liquid absorbent bag
Liquid absorbent Pad
Liquid absorbent bag

Liquid absorbent bag

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Propasorb natural clay bags to solve problems caused by leaking liquids of any density.

Supplied in 380x200mm size and 500 gr weight pads.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 15.


Propasorb bags to absorb and limit losses and drips of liquids of any density, from water to oily substances and hydrocarbons.

A powerful and effective absorbent that uses materials deriving from the thermal expansion of a particular variety of igneous rock and not emit dust. Propasorb bags are very practical to create a barrier against the leacking liquids from pipes, joints, fittings, etc.

Very used in the automotive and industrial machinery sectors, Propasorb absorbent bags are indispensable in factories, workshops and workplaces where leakage of liquids can cause accidents, fermentation, odor problems and other unwanted hazards.

Many advantages over other products of its type, we highlight:

  • High absorption capacity
  • Is not inflammable
  • It does not leave residues that should be subsequently removed
  • Free of dust or granules that may damage machinery
  • Light, practical and quick to place
  • Prolonged use thus avoiding frequent replacements

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