VCI Noxy Difuser.  Anti rust VCI Diffusers. Supplied in bags of 50 units. Conservatis

VCI Diffuser

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Noxy Lillo 15 VCI diffusers for a great duration and intensity for anti rust protection of metal elements during long trips inside containers, boxes or cages.

Supplied in bags of 50 units.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 50.

Quantity unit price (VAT not included)
50 €5.50

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The VCI Noxy Diffuser is a dynamic integrator containing VCI micro tables, especially indicated for large volume packaging and long distance shipments, in any type of climatic conditions, even extreme.

By placing them inside the packaging and activating them a few hours before the output, VCI diffusers spreads the VCI molecules quickly and constantly, saturating the environment, thus ensuring the protection of metal parts.

Used mainly in the Technology and Automotive sector, VCI Noxy LILLO diffusers can be activated and deactivated several times, allowing a longer use of it. They can be hung or fixed to the object to be protected as appropriate.

More information

Recommended for:
Automotive industry
Electronics industry
35 gr the unit (Noxy wrapper with VCI microtablets)
65 mm height x 60 mm diameter (closed)
95 mm height x 60mm diameter (open)

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