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RP Agent FAQs
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RP Agents Oxygen Absorbers
Art conservation of RP Agent
RP Agent FAQs
RP Agent RP-1AN
RP Agent FAQs
RP System operation

RP Agents Oxygen Absorber

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RP Agents Oxygen Absorbers absorb oxygen, corrosive gases, and moisture (type A) in sealed bags. These are absorbers that prevent the deterioration of industrial products and delicate cultural materials.

RP-K types are used for organic materials and RP-A for metals, electronics and archaeological finds.

RP Agents Type

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1000.


RP Agents Oxygen Absorbers protect and preserve your products

One of the main uses of RP Agents oxygen absorbers is to eliminate oxidation of industrial and electronic products during transportation and storage.

Another use for RP Agents is for the transport and storage of delicate cultural pieces that need proper conservation. Metals, coins, archaeological pieces, etc. can be stored without fear of oxidation. Other parts such as historical documents, maps, and books can also be safely stored with oxygen absorbers, corrosive gases, and moisture RP Agents.

The main idea of ​​using RP Agents is to create an atmosphere in which the product you want to protect does not deteriorate easily.

The object to be protected must first be placed in a bag of gas barrier film. Then, the most suitable RP Agent oxygen absorber for the volume in question must be placed inside the bag. The bag must then be sealed with a heat sealer (5 mm minimum). Once all these steps are completed, for the product that is inside the bag it is as if time has stopped, since it does not rust or deteriorate in a long period of time.

The RP system bags contain a low Relative Humidity % compared to other oxygen absorbers. Furthermore, this type of RP absorbers do not contain iron like other types of oxygen absorbers, but consist of unsaturated organic components such as diatomaceous earth, polyethylene, Ca(OH)2 and a component based on absorbent graphite.

RP-K type: Absorbs oxygen but does not change relative humidity. It is suitable for hygroscopic materials (wood, paper, textile, leather, rubber, plastic). It works very well in low relative humidity and slowly absorbs oxygen in the air without affecting the relative humidity in the tank. Contains diatomaceous earth, PE, Ca (OH)2 and graphite. The active carbon it contains also absorbs harmful gases such as SO2, HCl and NH3.

RP-A type: Absorbs oxygen and dries. It is suitable for metals, electronics and archaeological finds. In addition to absorbing oxygen, it reduces relative humidity to almost zero percent. Contains zeolite, PE, activated carbon and CaO. A RP-5A bag can absorb about 1.1 g of water and oxygen from 500 ml of air.

Suitable volumes of barrier film bags for different types of RP Agents oxygen absorbers:

  • RP-1A for 100 ml of air
  • RP-3A for 300 ml of air
  • RP-3K for 300 ml of air
  • RP-5A for 500 ml of air
  • RP-20A for 2000 ml of air
  • RP-20K for 2000 ml of air

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