Ethylene Filter

Ethylene Filter

€17.50 tax excl.
Minimum purchase: 30 Delivery 2 to 3 weeks

Ethylene filter for environmental air control. Removes ethylene gas from the air as well as other Volatile Organic Compounds.

Ethylene Filter sizes

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 30.


Filter to absorb ethylene gas from the air and have good environmental control in the transport chain and in storage spaces.

The ethylene filter is widely used in truck transport, placing filter chains along the inside of the box. It is also widely used in shipping containers.

Its main applications are in the food, fruit and vegetable industry. Ethylene is the hormone responsible for the ripening of fruits and vegetables. With this filter, since it absorbs  this gas from the environment, it is possible to lengthen and prevent the maturation of your goods, thus extending its shelf life and preserving its organoleptic qualities and its quality longer.

We have filters with two measures: 50 cm and 100 cm.

Depending on transit time and storage capacity, filter needs may vary.


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