Safety Face Shield
Safety Face Shield, 
Assembly instructions
Safety Face Shield
Safety Face Shield, 
Assembly instructions

Safety Face Shield

€8.40 tax excl.
Delivery 2 to 3 weeks

Disposable multi-purpose  protection face shield, light, adaptable, flexible and easy to assemble.

Its design and manufacture comply with the regulations for the manufacture of face shields / visors COVID-19 against splash protection UNE-EN 166: 2002, UNE-EN 167: 2002, and UNE-EN 168: 2002, and with critical quality tests eyepiece optics and splash protection (protected area and vertical dimension).


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 10.

Quantity unit price (VAT not included)
10 €8.40
50 €8.00
150 €7.90


Comfortable and lightweight safety face shield / visor for protection, made of clinically tested foamed transparent plastic.

Thanks to its aeration system with the flexible and adaptable polyethylene foam ring, the shield / visor is separated from the face, allowing the use of glasses, preventing fogging.

Compatible with other masks or protection systems. Washable material with soap and water or alcohol.

The protective screen is PET. If the screen is scratched, its replacement is recommended.

The foam plastic of the frame is G-CELL FINE, and is intended to be in contact with the skin for long periods of time, with non-existent levels of toxicity in contact with the skin, and without risk at room temperature between -18ºC and 38ºC .

Approved for sanitary and food use

For mounting, insert the plastic along the foam ring, as shown in the photos. Attach the top strap and adjust to your needs.

The upper strip is designed so that the face protection mask does not fall out during use.

We recommend disinfecting the material before the first use.

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