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Descaling solution for steam irons

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The descaling solution for steam irons removes quickly and efficiently the limescale that builds up in your appliances. This proven and guaranteed product helps extend the shelf life of your appliances.

The descaling solution for steam irons is suitable for multi-drink machines, coffee machines, steam ovens and kettles. Thanks to its high descaling capacity, this product guarantees a better performance of your household appliances.




Descaling solution for steam irons removes effectively limescale from your appliances

Product tested and guaranteed by BSH Home Appliances, manufacturer and marketer of the Bosch, Siemens, Balay, Gaggenau and Neff brands. The descaling solution for steam irons is compatible with any brand of household appliances.

Removes lime deposits easily and efficiently. With regular use, the white and brown deposits on the iron can be reduced.

Prevents the appearance of stains on clothes.

Recommended use: every 3 months.

Format: 4 bottles of 25 ml, sufficient for 4 treatments.

Steam irons
Removes limescale deposits easily and prevents stains on clothing
Recommended use
Every 3 months

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