VCI plastic film Coil

VCI 1000 plastic film Coil

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VCI plastic film coil for protection of metal products against corrosion and oxidation during shipments and storage.

Supplied in coils of 1000mm size, 30 kg weight and 200 m2.




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PROPATECH VCI FILM plastic film reel, manufactured with the PROPATECH VCI additive giving corrosion protection properties needed  during packaging of metal objects. 

The main characteristic of the standard product consists of coextrusion in 3 layers. It guarantees a greater mechanical resistance and a unidirectionality of the PROPATECH VCI molecules.

Thanks to its transparency, VCI film products allow the good disposal of the merchandise in specific positions or supports and facilitate customs procedures without the need to open or damage the packaging.

An simple, practical and economical solution to avoid damage caused by corrosion and oxidation, used by major automobile manufacturers and steel companies.

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Recommended for:
Automotive components (engine block, transmissions, gearboxes, brake discs, etc.)
Metal parts of any kind
Steel coils
coils of 1000mm size, 30 kg weight and 200 m2.
Total thickness
ISO 4593
Nominal ± 10% µm
0,92 ÷ 0,93 g / cm³
ISO 1183
Nominal ± 5% mm
Nominal ± 5% m
Breaking load (MD)
ISO 527-3
≥ 20 N / mm²
Breaking load (TD)
ISO 527-3
≥ 18 N / mm²
Elongation at break (MD)
ISO 527-3
≥ 500 (100 µm) %
Elongation at break (TD)
ISO 527-3
≥ 600 (100 µm) %
Resistance to DART TEST
ASTM D 1709-A
≥ 400 (100 µm) g
Elmendorf Test (MD)
ISO 6383-2
≥ 3000 (100 µm) mN
Elmendorf Test (TD)
ISO 6383-2
≥ 6000 (100 µm) mN
Permeability (WVTR) (38ºC - 90% UR)
3,60 ± 0,30 (100 µm) g / (m² x 24h)
ASTM F 1249-06
Permeability (WVTR) (23ºC - 85% UR)
0,80 ± 0,06 (100 µm) g / (m² x 24h)
DIN 53122-2

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