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Airbags | Dunnage Bags

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Airbags or Dunnage Bags for freight transport to immobilize the packaging in trucks and maritime shipping. An easy, safe and very economical solution to prevent pallet movements inside transport. This airbags are used for freight transport. 

Supplied in different sizes: 90x120 cm, 90x180 cm, 120x180 cm and 120x225 cm.

To order full palet, please contact with Sercalia: info@sercalia.com.



Airbags sizes

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 200.

Quantity unit price (VAT not included)
200 €3.35

Exclusive gift!

Get a gift bag for purchases over 300€.


Airbags or Dunnage bags are a very economical, fast and easy to apply cargo lashing system to avoid damage to your goods during shipments.

Transport airbags or dunnage bags are made with high quality products to ensure the strenght during transport. A reusable product that incorporates a new safety valve with an internal recoil spring and adapter with click & go system.  They also incorporate a traceability label on each bag with the international code system UPC Barcode in order to better control the quality of the product.

Insert airbags or dunnage bags during the loading containers or trucks and inflate when an empty space between packages appears.

To inflate them, use the special air gun that can be connected to any compressed air installation.

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90x120 cm
90x180 cm
120x180 cm
120x225 cm

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