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Makita Air Gun with Battery

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Makita Air gun with portable battery to inflate airbags and dunnage bags to keep your goods safe during transport.

Pack Makita Air Gun includes battery and charger.

Also gun, battery or charger can be supplied separately.




Makita air gun is a portable inflator with battery for airbags and dunnage bags. 

A new product very practical and without connections. La pistola de aire Makita es fácil y cómoda de usar, gracias a su empuñadura antideslizante.

The Makita air gun is easy and confortable to use, thanks to its non-slip grip. Its duration is up to 75 minutes of continuous use with the 4.0Ah battery, with variable speed trigger with three preset speeds: high, low and medium. Makita gun offers an autonomy of more than 70 standard bags.

Battery includes a charge indicator and the charger is fast (less than 30 minutes).

More information

Power supply
4.0Ah battery
Battery life
More than 70 standard bags
75 minutes of continuous use
Air volume
2,6m3 /min
Air velocity

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