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Moisture Stabilizer Propadyn Cassette

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Moisture Stabilizer Propadyn is used for enclosed spaces. It keeps the ideal humidity level constant: it captures and releases the humidity it takes in a short time to maintain it once stabilized.

Each type 3200 cassette serves 0.5 m3 in completely waterproof conditions and the 3400 type cassettes serve to cover 1 m3. It is recommended to put more quantity to ensure possible air inlets in the enclosure.

Propadyn Cassette


Moisture stabilizer Propadyn to keep the relative humidity inside the enclosed spaces at a constant value.

Moisture Stabilzer Propadyn is ideal for food, pharmaceutical or art and archival conservation, as well as any other industrial application whose products need to maintain a constant degree of humidity.

The product reacts quickly when the preset moisture level rises, this stabilizer system lasts for months or years, depending on the needs or expiration date of the products. Similarly, if the humidity drops, it can emit moisture so that the space is maintained at the desired humidity value.

Moisture stabilizer Propadyn can regulate humidity between the ranges of 30% and 80% relative humidity.


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